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This one came from the Roland Jupiter 8 one day. I (Ed) was playing with some flicky things like game sounds, and eventually we were grooving on a progression (up in a bach in Te Horo we'd gone up to to write songs for the album). The words came together when Ned and I sat down at my house in Houghton Bay to sketch out some ideas, we then swapped books and he just decided to use my page of ideas as the verses, with some slight editing to make it flow. I was stoked cos I'd never had my words used for a HCE tune before! The chorus is Ned's. The guts of the instrumental came along when, after a long session in the studio, everyone left and I was the only one there. I figured I should get around to fleshing out this tune since it's predominantly synth. I got in the control room with my Jupiter 8 and Minimoog, and set to work until 7am doing all the parts, bleeps, bass, pad chords... just got in a mean zone and smashed it. Simon used some casio keyboard of Pads to get some of the drum layers, the rest is Shaun on the kit. Fun tune!



I found forty cents and a game to play
the game arcade tempted me in...
Inserting my dosh I felt a big rush
as the screen it sucked me in
Looking around I found my playground
of pixels and 8-bit sound
Picked up my pixel sword and swung it at the surging horde
of flickering beasts as I reached the highest score
Coins scattered far and wide only viable inside
this game that sucked me dry

Shifty feet, itchy eyes
over spent, over game life
shifty feet, itchy eyes
over spent, over game life

We need money to survive
Money to live our lives
It controls what we can and cannot do
There are rules to abide by
Fools follow blindly
rules that may not even hold true
Level me up I earned another life
Put your money forward to join me if you like
That's all it takes to enter the game
Insert coin to begin to join the hall of fame



from Without A Sound, track released August 15, 2012
Written by E. Zuccollo, N. Worboys
Produced by: E. Zuccollo
Ned Worboys: Lead Vocals
Simon Koziarski: Guitar, drum programming
Ed Zuccollo: Roland Jupiter 8, Minimoog
Shaun Elley: Drums
Lex French: Trumpet
Richard Shirley: Trombone
Tom Scrase: Cabasa

Recorded at Masonic Studios by Harbour City Electric Feb-July 2010
Vocals recorded at Masonic Studios 2010
Percussion recorded by Ed Zuccollo in Scrase's Room
Engineered by Richard Shirley and Harbour City Electric
Produced by Harbour City Electric

Mixed by Dr Lee Prebble at The Surgery July 2010

Mastered by Mike Gibson at Inca Productions



all rights reserved


Harbour City Electric Wellington, New Zealand

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